Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Jan. 2022 Guided Journey


January 15


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Camilla Blossom, Earth School

Co-Creating with Fairies, Dragons, Elementals, Devas, & Gaian Light Beings

2022 – Fairy Activism events will now be called: Sacred Spirits of Gaia.

This month, we will align with Gaia Mother Earth and her Sacred Spirits and open to a new year of co-creating and partnering with them.

Nature’s realms of seen and unseen beings are waiting for further “instructions” to work with us on behalf of all of Creation.

And, it is important to be open to and welcome in new changes that want to take place within ourselves, our relationships, and our beautiful Mother Earth.

I will create a sacred container to do just that.

You can relax into a guided intuitive meditative journey for connection with fairies, elementals, spirits of Giaia for self-healing and planetary light work.

Join me for a Gaian spiritual activation!

Free event. Donations welcome. Live and Recorded.


You will receive emails with zoom info on morning of the event and a link to the Fairy Activism event video replay afterwards.

Thank you for your participation!

with Love