Land Honoring Online Course

with Camilla Blossom Bishop  

Earth Alchemist, Intuitive Educator, Elemental Medicine Woman


Online Course 1 

Land Honoring Foundational Practices

Do you want to learn how to honor, energetically clear, and give back to land?

I am excited to share my online Land Honoring Foundational Practices course that’s designed to help anyone who wants a deeper, more conscious connection with their local land and the spirits that live there.

Learn key foundational earth honoring and connecting practices to deepen and mend your relationship with Mother Earth, nature elementals, fairies, ancestors, and the spirits of land.

This 8-part online course provides you with Earth based Grandmother teachings, practices for intuitive development, and insightful energetic transmissions to set you on a more consciousness path of relationship with the sacred spirit of land.

Gain the confidence to step into service as a land steward and guide for others, in fun and focused lessons with video, audio, and written resources. You will feel more joy and delight in your interactions with nature, participating in Earth’s story as a conscious co-creator.

This course is perfect for teachers, healers, leaders, ceremonialists, light-workers, land stewards, farmers, permaculture practitioners, elemental alchemists, caretakers, and those that love the land. It is designed to meet all levels whether you are a newbie or an experienced planetary healer, you will receive the teachings and energetic transmissions you need most.

  • Learn to use sacred tools, intuitive techniques, and land rituals to honor, harmonize, balance, clear, give back, and make amends to land.
  • Discover ways to honor your own body and align with your own true energetic nature.
  • Learn how to be in co-creative relationship with elementals and spirits of land, as voices of Mother Earth.
  • Connect more deeply with the sacred spirit of land as you awaken your soul’s remembering.

Eight weekly lessons, delivered by email:

  1. Introduction to land honoring, Land Alchemy, Earth School, glossary
  2. Personal alignment, grounding, Crystalline Grid, elemental connection, protection, sacred space, earth energy
  3. Tools to honor and clear land—pendulums, flower essences, sound vibration
  4. Honoring native land, Ancestors, Wisdom-keeper trees and stones
  5. How to making Offerings & ask Permission, ritual to make an offering mix, types of offerings
  6. How to meet spirit of land, journey to meet Over-lighting Deva of Land
  7. Honoring source water devas, spirits of waters, water chants, map your source waters
  8. Completion and special GIFT to help you continue to honor the land.

By the completion of this course, you will open to more conscious relationship with the spirit of land and water including nature elementals, fairies, nature spirits, devas, and spiritual and indigenous ancestors. You will have ways to mend and heal your relationship with your own body and Mother Earth. You will have important foundational practices to honor land, and yourself, that will open you to the subtle energies and magic of nature’s unseen realms. You will have tools to offer energy clearing, land honoring, ask questions, harmonize spaces and land, and express your love for the earth.

This training will give you everything you need to know to become a spiritual steward, earth-keeper, water-keeper and offer beautiful honoring and blessing rituals for land and water.

Land Honoring Kit is available to enhance your land honoring practices and personal alignment. It comes with helpful tools: a pendulum; flower, gem, tree, and elemental essences; and mica to use as an offering.

Land Honoring Foundational Practices

Sign up anytime. Learn at your own pace from home. $195 $155 SPECIAL OFFERING includes videos, written documents, and audios emailed weekly.


What Others Say About Land Honoring Foundational Practices…

“Camilla has created an empowering course of remembering, connection and healing. She invites us to know we are not separate from the Earth and all Creation. Beautiful!” —Kim, Oregon

“Deeply impactful. The information is wonderful and encouraging. This is so gentle yet amazingly powerful. Thank you!” —Sandy, Texas

“Part 1 is eloquent, clear and concise. All flows gracefully and the build truly engages. Your note on honoring tribal lineages is wonderful acknowledgement of not only cultural appropriation, but of appropriation mongers.” —Claire, Missouri

“I LOVE it!” —Abby, Oregon

“I am loving this course and so grateful I received it. I LOVED hearing your story in the first installment. It has inspired me in soooo many ways. Powerful. These practices are beautiful and I can feel them already.” —Nichole, Oregon 



Land Honoring Foundational Practices 

Online Course $195  

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Land Honoring Kit

$144 + $11 shipping (highly recommended)

Includes 1 pendulum, mica (natural mineral earth glitter), 1 quartz crystal, 10 essences: 4 flower essences (California Poppy, Yarrow, Western Redcedar, Green Bog Orchid), 1 gem essence (Herkimer Diamond), 5 Elemental Essences (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ethers). Learn more. Please allow 3-6 weeks delivery. Thank you!

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Online Course $195 + Land Honoring Kit $144 w/ discount & free shipping = $333  

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Add-on Personal Mentorship with Camilla Blossom Bishop 

One-on-one personal, private mentorship and support—wisdom teachings, energetic support, guidance, healing alignment, energy transmissions with Camilla Blossom Bishop by phone as you take the online course. Payment plans available. 


1 hour $125

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8 hours Mentorship  $760

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16 hours Mentorship  $1399 

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Once you’ve paid for Earth School Online Course , you will receive 8 emails — the first one right away, the second in two weeks, and then once a week for six more weeks. Watch for these precious messages arriving in your inbox from MailChimp, and please call, text, or email Camilla with any questions about the course: 775-721-0358 /

To schedule mentorship sessions, go to Book a Session. Mentorship – Phone Session in Acuity Scheduling). You can schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions. 


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Camilla Blossom Bishop is an earth alchemist, intuitive educator, elemental medicine woman. She co-creates with the sacred spirits of the Grandmothers, elementals of Mother Earth, Faery Realms, nature and plant spirits, devas, ancestors, and wisdom-keepers of lands and waters. She opened Earth School in 2018 to celebrate and build co-creative community with all realms of nature… including you!