Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2021

Bring joy and fresh insight into your Earth Day Celebration!

Dreaming Our Magical Worlds

Join us and a lovely group of magical friends that want to dream with you, and me, and all of us! We are consciously co-creating a New Earth 5D reality—and birthing in a Golden Age for all beings as we celebrate the earth.

How can we give back and honor Mother Earth, elementals, fairy realms, and spirits of land and waters…

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All events free, donations accepted.

Thank you!

Enjoy the VIDEOS Below!

Watch our live Earth Day Event recording here:

Meeting Pulsatilla Plant Spirit

Wendy Griffin, Cedar Ridge Botanicals

Connect with the Spirit of Pulsatilla Flower. X minutes.

Wendy Griffin is a nurse, herbalist, and energy healer. She lives in SW Colorado with her horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats, and chickens. She has been a lover of plants all of her life and is the founder and owner of Cedar Ridge Botanicals offering healing salves, balms, facial creams, and hydrosols. All of the plants used in her potions are grown or wild harvested by her. Wendy is offering an online monthly class beginning June 23rd called Open Your Heart to the Plants through Meditation.

HOST: Andrea Dombecki, Angel Fairy Healing

Rainbow Fairy Unicorn Earth Healing. 21 minutes.

Andrea shares a Leprechaun Attunement. 5 minutes.

Andrea Dombecki is an angel reader, fairy intuitive, energy healer, and artist with a lifelong passion for spiritual healing. Her channeling abilities opened at a young age, and over the years, she developed her skills for self-healing and eventually started to offer her intuitive healing abilities to help others better their lives. She loves to work with the fairies to explore our magical earth connection and to awaken to higher levels of kindness and creativity.

Earth Day Sharing, Heaven & Earth Angel Reading

Oonagh Elisa Hurley, Angel Reader & Visionary Artist

Earth Day Sharing: Heaven & Earth Angel Reading. 7 minutes.

I am sharing a short, engaging video about my Heaven & Earth Angel Readings, with a sacred card shared from one of my oracle decks on behalf of the Collective, all of us here on the planet! Fun, short and grace-filled, filmed on Orcas Island, Washington. Heaven & Earth Angel Reader & Sacred Delightful Visionary Artist.

Ways to Honor Mother Earth & Childhood Stories

Marshall “Golden Eagle” Jack, Native American Elder

Ways to Honor Mother Earth, Indigenous Stories, Earth Blessing Song. 38 minutes.

Marshall is a Paiute Elder, Wisdom Keeper, Pipe Carrier, Skull Carrier, Sweat Lodge Leader, Bear Ceremonial Leader, Vision Quest Leader plus many other roles over the years. He has lead a number of worldwide ceremonies including Water Wheel Ceremonies, Seven Sacred Fire Ceremony, Crystal Altars to name a few. He offers Ancestral Lineage Healings sessions, teachings, ceremony, and home and land clearing. Marshall was born in Bishop, California (1953). His Ancestors are the Ahwahnechee, Paiute, Washoe, and Lebanese. Marshall’s Grandmother taught him the old ways. He is a Viet-Nam-Era Veteran, 1972-1980. Currently, he lives Kauai, Hawaii.

(775) 267-7792 FB: Marshall Jack

Journeying & Honoring Menehune Little People

Joanna Bullock, Heart Mountain Wellness

Learn about the Little People of Hawaii and Journey to Connect with them. 37 minutes.

Joanna Bullock has been practicing Energetic Medicine for 16 years in 4 lineages, and 23 years of yoga and Buddhism. I weave together a tapestry of medicine, healing arts, breathwork, mediations and yoga through non-dual wisdom teachings.

My passions are co-creating healthy and resilient communities, land honouring permaculture and ritual ceremonies. I lead trauma informed practices, including medicine wheel, energetic medicine classes and healing circles.

I believe that by uncovering our greatest story, we reconnect with our true nature journey of passion, joy and creativity. My mission is to empower humans to remember their own healing medicines, and integrate them into a modern world daily practice.

Fairy Activism: Light Up the Earth

Here is a video from the April 5th event that included a guided meditation. 1 hour 15 minutes.

HOST: Camilla Blossom, Earth School

I am a messenger for the wisdom of the Grandmothers—sacred feminine creative source energy of Mother Earth. Elementals speak through me.

During key points in my life, a nature elemental magically appeared to guide my path and purpose. Each mystical meeting opened a new door: fairies and devas taught me about healing with flowers and trees and how to make flower essences, mermaids taught me how to honor and care for sacred water, gnomes assisting in creating a Findhorn-like nature sanctuary with a Unicorn Garden, and dragons and Goddess Pele initiated me into passionate fire teachings at an active volcano in Hawaii. I awakened into beautiful states of Oneness and discovered that human medicine—love, tender care, joy, peace, compassion—is what Mother Earth needs most.

“We are not here to heal Mother Earth… we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.”  

Dreaming Our Magical Worlds… Together

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