Earth Alchemy Mystery School

Earth Alchemy

Mystery School

Empower Your Soul Gifts & Intuitive Connection with Nature


9-months: September 2019 – May 2020

One Saturday per month for gathering, teaching, ceremony

Land Honoring Foundational Practices online course included—videos, audio, written documents

Graduation Ceremony as Earth Alchemist


with Camilla Blossom Bishop

Earth Alchemist, Intuitive Educator, Elemental Medicine Woman

Location: Vancouver, Washington (20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon)


  • Land Honoring Foundational Practices~ includes online teachings, tools, intuitive techniques for land honoring as well as honoring your inner-landscape and aligning energy
  • Nature Elementals, Nature Spirits, Faeries, Magical Realms~ awaken intuitive communication, connection, co-creative relations with land spirits and Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  • Flower Essences~ commune with spirits of plants, trees, elementals (fairies, devas, spirits). Meet and learn vibrational healing medicine of plant. Flower essence making ceremony.
  • Intuitive Land-based Ceremony~ open your intuitive nature, learn ceremonial practices for land and water and how to put your learning into practice in nature
  • Wisdomkeepers~ receive teachings and healing from Ancestors, trees, rocks, spirit Grandmothers. Open to wisdom of the elders, wise ones, and Mother Earth herself.
  • Land Energy Clearing~ learn ways to clear the energy of land and homes (2ndyear program will offer land clearing training to become a Certified Land Alchemist)
  • Lineage Honoring~ empower your soul gifts and open to guidance from your ancestor lineage teachers


For more information about the program or to register, please contact Camilla at 775-721-0358 or Or Facebook Camilla Blossom Bishop.

Course requirement: purchase the Land Honoring Foundational Practices online course & Land Honoring Kit.

Course fee: please contact Camilla regarding fee. Sliding scale available – monthly or pay for full program. One partial work-trade position available and some partial or full scholarships may be available. 

Registration: to hold your place, please make $100 deposit as space is limited. 

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Program Dates:

Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm 

Sept. 28 2019

Oct. 26

Nov. 23

Dec. 21

Jan. 25, 2020

Feb. 22

Mar. 21

Apr. 18

May 16