Mystery School

Earth Mystery School

Wisdom Teachings of Grandmothers to empower relationship with seen and unseen realms of Nature.

with Camilla Blossom Bishop

9-months: September 2020 – May 2021

2 options:

  1. One Saturday per month for gathering, wisdom teaching, sharing, ritual near Vancouver, Washington.
  2. Online Zoom meetings with optional gathering during the program.


• Teachings of Grandmothers ~ Land Honoring Foundational Practices Online 8-Part Course 

Land Honoring Kit 


  • Land Honoring Foundational Practices~ includes online teachings, tools, intuitive techniques for land honoring as well as honoring your inner-landscape and aligning energy
  • Nature Elementals, Nature Spirits, Faeries, Magical Realms~ awaken intuitive communication, connection, co-creative relations with land spirits and Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  • Flower Essences~ commune with spirits of plants, trees, elementals (fairies, devas, spirits). Meet and learn vibrational healing medicine of plant. Flower essence making ceremony.
  • Intuitive Land-based Ceremony~ open your intuitive nature, learn ceremonial practices for land and water and how to put your learning into practice in nature
  • Wisdomkeepers~ receive teachings and healing from Ancestors, trees, rocks, spirit Grandmothers. Open to wisdom of the elders, wise ones, and Mother Earth herself.
  • Land Energy Clearing~ learn ways to clear the energy of land and homes (2ndyear program will offer land clearing training to become a Certified Land Alchemist)
  • Lineage Honoring~ empower your soul gifts and open to guidance from your ancestor lineage teachers

For more information about the program or to register, please contact Camilla at 775-721-0358 or Or Facebook Camilla Blossom Bishop.

Course requirement: purchase of Land Honoring Foundational Practices online course & Land Honoring Kit.

Course fee: please contact Camilla 

Registration: To hold your place in the 2020-2021 Mystery School, please make $150 deposit. Mystery School is limited to 8 students.

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