Sacred Earth Connection

Course Layout


Enjoy the course and remember to follow your own personal rhythms, cycles, and flow of energy as you take this course. Each part begins with a message from the Grandmothers.

Written materials, videos, audios, links, tools, intuitive techniques, attunement, and land rituals will offer you access to a full range of teachings, earth-wisdom, and opportunities for expanded awareness for your land honoring practices.

Remember to allow yourself to gently receive and practice the rituals with joy and not obligation. That will make your experience much more fun and rewarding. I am not watching you nor tracking your pace, so feel free to go slow like a turtle or fast if that feels good! You can even skip areas that you already know although the material creates a nice, full sacred container when you put it all together.

At the end of each part there is a Rest and Integrate message to remind you to take some time to allow full integration of the material. That way you will more fully embody the teachings when you are complete.

Here are the Parts:

1. Opening The Doorway – Mother Earth Relationship 

2. Honoring Indigenous Ancestors & Native Land

3. Sacred Body Energy Alignment

4. Tools & Techniques—Pendulum, Flower Essences, Sound Vibration, Crystals

5. Giving Offerings & Asking Permission

6. Cultivating Relations with Spirits of Land

7. Honoring Water

8. Altars & Land Honoring Ceremony ~ Conclusion

Before you begin, I invite you to focus your intentions for the course so you will receive the teachings in a way that meets your highest purpose and joy.