Earth School Intro Workshop ~

NW Portland Oregon 

December 15th SATURDAY   11 AM – 1:30 PM

Register here.

2.5 hours $25 – $45 sliding scale. To attend, host, or organize an introductory land workshop, please contact Camilla Blossom Bishop. Events will be listed here and on Facebook. 775-721-0358  Facebook: Camilla Blossom Bishop; Earth School


Earth School Mystical Tour ~


Dragon Fire

Elemental Dance of Creation

Do You Want to Experience Greater Joy?

Join Earth School’s mystical tour and experience sacred rituals & trance journeying guided by Pele, Dragon Elementals, Star Dolphins, and Camilla Blossom Bishop.

Visit high vibrational magical places—tropical gardens, ocean beaches, Sapphire Mer Cove—on Dragon Isle in an intimate group experience beautiful connections with elemental energies of the land, Fire, and Water. Camilla holds sacred space to empower soul remembering… and healing states of being.

Inner-Fire Initiation~ Connect with the spirit of Fire through Volcanic Goddess Pele and your own Fire Dragon Elemental. Receive fire element transmissions for empowerment, transformation, kundalini, and creativity activation.

Pele’s Flower Essences~ Experience uplifting frequencies of flowers, trees, and lava.

Dragon Earth Alchemy~ Practice working with dragons and elemental energies for planetary clearing. Group healing journeys to give back to Mother Earth and align with our greater purpose as energetic earth stewards.

Dolphin Boat Tour~ Swim and commune with playful dolphins and connect with star family.

Answer the Calling of the Dragons & Dolphins

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2-Day Earth Camps ~ 

JUNE Issaquah, WA

JULY Port Townsend/Chimicum, WA

Land Honoring, Clearing, Giving Back




Land Honoring: Foundational Land Council Protocols

Land Clearing: Energy Clearing & Land Alchemy 

Giving Back with Magical Fairy Gardens & Land Altars 



Earth Mystery School ~ 

10 month program begins September 2019.