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Messages from Fire Dragons

  "We all carry the spirit of a dragon within as we all come through a spark of divine spirit into the body for embodiment. “Dragons” are simply the movement of fire or spirit into form to become physically expressed. At the core of our being is this untouched, beautiful, essence of our spirit. This… Continue reading Messages from Fire Dragons

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Eruptional? Here’s Your Remedy

What would be the best flower essence to offer at a Volcano Goddess Pele and Fire Dragons event? Mock Orange came forward as a calmer of volcanic inner emotions. Learn more in this excerpt from my book, Sacred Spirit of the Gorge: Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences & Essences of Place. Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii Affirmation of the Wildflower:… Continue reading Eruptional? Here’s Your Remedy


Land Guardians Harmonize Medical Building

  Everyone present could feel the magical energy charge the air as the requests for working co-creatively with the spirits of land was received and granted. What a powerful experience! I loved how open minded everyone was in this process of connecting with the land. Some of the people had never experienced a land ceremony… Continue reading Land Guardians Harmonize Medical Building

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Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

  At the urging of Pele, I made a flower essence from different colored blossoms of the beautifully expressive hibiscus flower. I journeyed down to the ocean to infuse the volcanoes and ocean energies into this essence. Last night, I dreamt that the yellow flowers danced in my pelvis. I first made hibiscus essence in… Continue reading Embodiment of Women’s Pleasure with Queen of Hibiscus

Unicorn Garden

What’s National Unicorn Day? Video

Uni, the ancient wise unicorn, has a message of love from the unicorns. Feel your unicorn and its friends circle around you to uplift your frequencies to the highest love and light. All your human struggles and emotions can transform through the energy of the unicorns. They are soul healers and can help you heal… Continue reading What’s National Unicorn Day? Video

Flower Essences, Women Health

Advice from a Hibiscus Flower

    Dance into your life. Reclaim your full energy and delight. Don't hold back your abilities to feel and experience pleasure, beauty, and joy. “I like to see pleasure sparkle in the eyes of the be-holder mesmerizing, seductive pulling in, sucking in full breathes of color, patience and longing for a fuller life lived… I engage.” —Hibiscus Deva… Continue reading Advice from a Hibiscus Flower

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Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?

I met a Mermaid, Brita, who opened my eyes and heart to a new way of perceiving the world... and myself. Brita’s watery nature infused me with magic, flow, and healing. She taught me the importance of being in relationship with water... and my own watery emotions. Forming a relationship with your own Nature Spirit… Continue reading Who is Your Nature Spirit Guide for WATER? a Mermaid? Dolphin? Goddess?


Awaken to Goddess Pele and Fire Dragons of Big Island

I dropped Cedar offerings into a crack in the black lava where an orange glow emanated out of the earth. When my prayers reached Pele’s volcanic fire, she ignited with flames! I cried tears of gratitude. In that moment, I knew Pele and the fire dragons heard my prayers of gratitude. They were present in… Continue reading Awaken to Goddess Pele and Fire Dragons of Big Island