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Crystal Grid: Make Your House Feel More Like Home

I offered to place a crystal grid at my friend’s townhouse as negative energies from neighbors were moving into his space, affecting his sleep, and interfering with his sense of inner-peace. I planned to buy 4 apophyllite crystals to place in the corners of the house. Jeff Elkins at Celestial Awakenings suggested I add 4… Continue reading Crystal Grid: Make Your House Feel More Like Home

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Plant Crystalline Trees

I wanted to share a simple practice to infuse more health and wellbeing into trees and new forests. When I first learned about this offering, I was so touched I teared up… and felt like I was a tree receiving this sweetness from humans. My tree-self was overcome by happiness and joy in receiving this… Continue reading Plant Crystalline Trees

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Listening to Water Devas: Water Blessing

In Issaquah, Washington, I heard the water deva sing her name: Dieara. So I sang to her creek: Dee -air – A. The water rippled with energy and blissful feelings grew stronger as she was nourished by the vibrations of my song. So was I! To learn what the water deva wants to be called, ask… Continue reading Listening to Water Devas: Water Blessing

Land Honoring Kit

The Land Honoring Kit is a land altar that includes all the sacred offerings you need to honor land and spirits. This powerful land alter prepared by master flower essence alchemist Camilla creates openings for both personal and planetary healing. Free Shipping.

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Honored Stone Renews Energy of Land

Earth School’s first event—Intro to Land Honoring, Clearing, and Giving Back— was a beautiful event where we honored and attuned to the spirit of land at Lucretia Court in NW Portland, our own lands, and learned how to make offerings, ask permission, and align ourselves for deeper connection with Mother Earth.   Because we were… Continue reading Honored Stone Renews Energy of Land

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Spiritual Meaning of Comet Neowise

My sense of hope, happiness, and anticipation has heightened as I watch comet Neowise every night from my porch. I know it is here to bring much needed energies to our planet. I, like many lightworkers, call these energies codes of light. I can feel it. In my body and soul. I sense it is… Continue reading Spiritual Meaning of Comet Neowise


Video: Age of Aquarius Essence Video 20 minutes This essence was co-created with elemental nature spirits, spirit guides, crystals at the Columbia River exactly on the portal of Winter Solstice 2020. (See photo. The water elementals and devas showed their “fingers”.) And, it was placed under the conjunction of planets Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky so it… Continue reading Video: Age of Aquarius Essence