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Trees Can Help Us

Humanity has passed through a doorway. We don’t know what’s ahead. Life is a mystery. Tree spirits approached me to help. They want to teach us how to ground and flow without fear into this new terrain.

Three trees I love offered up their tree essences to help us ease struggle and awaken to a new way: Oak-Pine-Willow. When you take the three tree essences, your energy body becomes infused with healing frequencies of the vibrational remedy.

Imagine leaning against Oak (EARTH) and yielding to its strength. Let your plans go. Let responsibility for others (and the planet) go. Your purpose is to yield… and create with the sacred purpose of joy.

Open to Sweet Pine’s (FIRE) gift of self-acceptance and inner-peace. There is nothing to judge, no one to judge you. Release self-blame, shame, guilt. Simply BE. You are not any of these emotions after all.

Relax and flow into Willow (WATER) and enjoy fluidity, forgiveness, and flexibility of movement… Dance with greater ease and grace.

I added Rose Quartz to softens your heart so you can receive more of the tree’s healing energies.


3 Trees Essence is new and available at my Shop here. The vibrational tree essence comes in a 2 oz. dropper bottle so you can place 5 drops in your drinking water.