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5D Abundance: Earth Relationship is Pure GOLD

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Our relationship with the earth is GOLD! 

It is precious, abundant, and full of riches. Mother Earth is like that. Rooting energetically into her new 5D foundation allows us to build a physical wealthy life, whatever that means to you. 

Like many, I am a student of new 5D abundance practices. To maintain my “feel good” abundant state, I need to express my gifts as much as I can. Be a leader. Wisdom teacher. Step up. Keep creating and contributing my magic in the world. Even when I dance on the edge of discomfort, I choose self-expression over suppression of my powerful gifts.

I allow nature to work through me and use me as a voice to uplift and spark energetic nature relationships as well as initiate souls into the magic of the elementals—fire dragons, earth gnomes, air fairies/sylphs, water mermaids. These endearing and massively powerful beings are the creative forces for the planet. I choose to go to the source of true power to manifest my dreams. What about you? Who do you work with? 

In my new online course, I share how to engage in elemental relations that create “feel good” states, connection, communication, empowerment, and playful fun. They deepen your foundational connection with the earth. 

Mother Earth and her Elemental forces of Creation are calling us back to nature to celebrate our true nature, be of service to our precious planet, and delight in life itself!


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Elemental GOLD: Manifesting Abundance with Elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water