Close the Door on The Past

2020 is a time to ground and create new experiences, lives, lovelihoods, and dreams. And, it is necessary to close the door on the old energies. It is important to keep the past from coming forward. It is time to create something new in each and every moment.

Focusing on the present moment is key.

When we allow ourselves to dwell in the old stories, circumstances, patterns, and issues from the past, they rise up and become real once again, in this moment. When we free up the emphasis on the past and bring ourselves fully to the present, we don’t have to re-live, react, or resurrect what has gone.

Because we have entered the 4th and 5th dimensional experience, when we return to the past we drop back into 3rd dimensional consciousness. This place is a place of struggle and polarity. That is why we want to maintain our frequency on the level of the 4th and 5th dimension. Living in the consciousness of love and presence.

Close the door on the past. Lock the door. Live for today.