Elementals, Unicorns

Message from the Unicorns

“We want to tell you how fond we are of gentle souls. We are too and can relate with you in a very pure way. We hold no judgments and allow you to be yourself because we live in higher frequencies upon the earth.

Many believe we are fictitious beings that dwell in the imagination, but we come through fiction because we truly dwell in other dimensions.

For those that need freedom from the restraints set upon them, you can call us in and we will be by your side. We may already be there. You can choose to relate with beings that want you to grow with more light and good nature.

All humans are moving through shadow and healing the past. Within each one of you dwells a radiant spirit fire that burns bright in the night and can never be extinguished. No matter what happens, the eternal light of your spirit shines on. This is where your purity and innocence lives. It is life sustaining.”

—messages from the unicorns at Prairie Star through Camilla

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