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Flowers Are Bodhisattvas

During a 5 Rhythms dance, an orchid gave me a message…

Flowers are bodhisattvas. They bloom until there is no more suffering on earth.

Plants are “givers.” They give, give, give to humanity in every way imaginable—food, medicine, shelter, healing, celebration, spiritual evolution, and more. Like Quan Yin, flowers have endless compassion for our human experience and they feel great joy in their purpose.

Flowers offer their healing vibrations freely to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Flowers teach us how to receive love. Flowers show us how to trust our intuition. Flowers awaken our spiritual gifts and our sexual creative life-force.

The Comfrey plant is blooming early in the center of my Unicorn Garden. Purple flowers cover the plant and bees hover over the blooms. Nearby, an ancestor healing tree, Big-leaf Maple, grounds the meadow and assists in ushering earthbound spirits to the light. They want to work together to bring healing to our ancestral lineage. They work with my, a human, to co-create powerful healing for us and the lands.

Today, receive and say thank you to a special flower in your life. If you’d like to experience and connect with the subtle energy of flowers—and their spirits, fairies, devas, and nature elementals—see below.



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