Add More Sparkle to Your Life

dsc_0336Time to Sparkle

Sparkle is the spirit of light in your life

Sparkle is the spirit of light in land & water

Enjoy some sparkle for your day! 


Unicorn Garden Club 

Add Sparkle to Your Life and Lands 

Just $12 per month subscription fee entitles you to access to… magical teachings, songs, nature rituals, how-to videos, inspiration, fun crafts, healing transmissions, messages from the unicorns, mermaids, fairies, and other nature spirits, and instructions for creating personal relationships with the spirit of nature. Anyone living anywhere can join including kids. 

Sparkle with flower fairies 

The Unicorn Garden Club is designed by nature spirits to give you an extra boost of joy and playfulness to open your heart to the language of nature and the sacred relationships you long for. No need to feel alone… the spirit of nature awaits.

Learn how to enliven your own co-creative relationship with nature where we live. Beautiful relationships of healing and renewal come with conscious caring for places. Learn how to listen to the spirit of the land and make healing places and spaces—gardens, altars, and relationship.

Sparkle with mermaids

Nature rituals will help you find new ways to engage with the spirit of nature and see land as your path of love, playful inspiration, and spiritual nourishment. 

Delight in opening your awareness, intuition, creative imagination, and subtle communication as you connect with unicorns, fairies, nature spirits, mermaids, and more.

It’s easy to join. Easy to cancel if it’s not for you. Join the Unicorn Garden Club at 

Sparkle with dragons & unicorns

Camilla Blossom Bishop is a catalyst with a gift for sparking people’s intimate connections with nature spirits, elementals, and ancestors. Heather Kowalewski led mermaid white water rafting trips with Camilla last year and is opening to deeper relationship with nature spirits and ancestors of lands. Fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and spirits of flowers are seen dancing around their beings. The Unicorn Garden Club birthed out of a garden Camilla & Heather planted called the Unicorn Garden in Mosier, Oregon.

Sparkle with fairy dust





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