Unicorn Garden

What’s the Unicorn Garden Club?

The nature spirits at the Unicorn Garden can’t wait to connect and co-create with you! They have asked me and Heather to create the Unicorn Garden Club on their behalf to help us humans come back to nature. They want to work with us side-by-side in our gardens, lands, waters, and lives to help us remember how to work together.

The Unicorn Garden Club is designed by nature spirits to give you an extra boost of joy and playfulness to open your heart to the language of nature and the sacred relationships you long for. No need to feel alone when the spirit of nature await you. It’s time to belong… and feel deeply rooted and nourished by the earth.

Membership in the Unicorn Garden Club is inclusive and brings together unicorns, fairies, mermaids, devas, plant spirits, flower fairies, dragons, gnomes, nature spirits and elementals with our human community.

Unicorn Garden Club is a monthly subscription to open your intuitive gifts, subtle communication and co-creative relationship with nature spirits, and capacity to trust and believe.  more here







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