Unicorn – Horseshoe Gardens

This is the first of my writings on the process of co-creating magical gardens with the nature spirits and elementals.

220px-Flag_of_Rutland.svgThe spirit horses and unicorns (ascended white horses) of our land are laughing.

I feel like dark fertile soil ready for sowing new seeds and sprouting dreams that were planted over the years. I wanted to plant keyhole shaped gardens. But the shape turned into a horseshoe after input from the nature spirits.

Visualizing the lucky horseshoe shape in my garden got me laughing with glee. And laughing at myself. I expanded my perception and vision of gardens—and their power to transform.

Now, I am making a garden for the STARS. Let the stars look down on four horseshoe shaped gardens. Maybe it will look as if a huge white Spirit Horse dropped its shoes and ran free. Maybe the white horse ascended and became a unicorn!

This horseshoe garden is taking hold of me in a magical way! Horses have been coming to my dreams, visions, and life all the time. I was even told to “ride the white horse.” 

I’m planting the garden with glee! Or maybe… the garden is planting me!


Tend your garden as you are tending your soul.

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