Effervescent Medicine

IMG_3103Who said medicine had to be so serious?

New kinds of medicine for healing are needed in this time of great change. Joyful, playful, effervescent experiences can fill and nurture our souls and bodies.

I hear of more and more miracles. They seem to come when we are at ease and in a state of receptivity that opens us to new ways, new ideas, and new perspectives.

Like Effervescence. Playfully unattached.

Years ago I noticed it was always after I craved and drank sparkling spring water that my flower essence formulas took shape. The fairies of water and air seemed to merge with enthusiastic energy within my own body and being and co-created medicines with me from the plants and magic they hold. Those were always delightful days!

Effervescence is my word for 2016. I want to be enthusiastic and bubbly. I want to co-create with the fairies of air and the undines of water—mermaids, mermen, and water dragons. I want my body to feel healthy because my emotional waters are filled with happiness and joy. And my creativity has freedom to express.

Here are a few ways I am adding Effervescence to my life in 2016:

Drinking sparkling water

Sharing my enthusiasm and passions

Playing more

Only choosing work/projects that I love

Creating a prosperous Lovelihood (the word “Lovelihood” came to me on Labor Day a few years ago)

Talking to more fairies and mermaids (and teaching others how to as well)

Hanging out with happy people

Doing ceremony to create a sacred life

Trusting in new forms of medicine


I hope your year is Effervescent as well!



2 thoughts on “Effervescent Medicine”

  1. Thank you CamillaLove your letters and thoughts.You are so special on this planet and I know our mother earth gives gratitude to you.Much lovePeppie

    Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 21:15:13 +0000 To: surfdancer@live.com

  2. Dear Camilla I very much appreciate your note with this lighthearted intention. And I’m happy to see the way you clarify and put it out there into the circle.

    My focus is cultivating Reality & Truth within the context of the Great Shift into the Aquarian Age if enlightenment. I walk in beauty with clarity and gentleness. On the Solstice I was shown the medicine of practicing generosity to invoke abundance. It came experientially while making a call to a sister visionary who needs support to manifest her survival needs in order to manifest her vision of the World Bee Garden. Heather also has a vision for Peace shoes with the peace symbol planting peace on Earth with so many steps. It looks like my focus at this time is upon the circle of womanas. Effervescent Flower Power!

    My daily spiritual practice is adapted from the Tibetan Buddhists with focus upon the ancestral goddesses. I’m on the planet in this lifetime to help revive the Sacred Feminine paradigm. And the flowers are vital !!!

    I’m happy that we’ve connected. Am preparing to travel to the Sundance Film Festival next week. Two goddesses wish to uplift the Earthlings’ consciousness through this modern day form of art.

    With Devotion to the Next 7 Generations

    )* Maka


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