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What Do Women Really Want?

IMG_3277My friend John asked all the women he knew the same question: What do women really want?

The answer he got was self-sovereignty.

Women want self sovereignty.

Self-sovereignty is the same as self-ownership and individual autonomy. For eons of time, women were the property of men through marriage. Now, there is a great liberation of the feminine spirit as women’s bodies are shedding cellular memory passed down from their grandmothers. Women are claiming their self-sovereignty. They want to honor their own authority.

When I heard the same words come through the spirit of the ferns (yes, I commune with plants.) I stood up and took notice. Hmmmmm. The ferns were asking for self-sovereignty too. What’s that about?

I received this insight from a vision—a vision of a Patriarch. He told me he was retiring. He was done,.. finished with his work. The words that came after he left were: It is time for Fern Sovereignty.

Maybe, like us, the ferns want a say in how their life unfolds… or unfurls. Maybe ferns want a say in DSC_0120where they grow, who they grows old with, how they spend their days. Ferns are often considered nice background plants—maybe ferns want self-rule and consideration as equally important as President Obama. (see Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis) Maybe all the quiet ones among the humans, ferns, flowers, trees, animals, mountains, and crystals want this too!

Ferns and women have something in common—a desire for autonomy. Self rule. Sounds good to me. Let’s welcome a new paradigm—a time of Fern Sovereignty for all beings regardless of gender, species, or color. Rule on… everyone.



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  1. I feel the ferns breathing out to support us with oxygen as we breathe in. As we breathe out, they inhale our out breath. This song coems to heart and mind-


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