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Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants

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Today, I went out to the beautiful backyard where I am staying in Portland to see what I could offer the land and nature spirits. I brought my Earthwalker Spirit of Land Kit with me.

Instead, I was drawn to a most exquisite Raspberry bush along the edge of the property.

I realized that the plants and nature spirits were offering me medicine—not the other way around. What I needed for today was to receive their offering with 4

So I picked some Raspberry leaves to make a tea. This plant is very toning and nurturing for the womb and reproductive system.

I gave some Mica as an offering to the plant for its gift. Then, I made myself some tea by placing the leaves in a pot of water to simmer on the stove.

photo 2Plants are endlessly giving to us. The spirits of the plants have communicated to me that what they need most from humans is gratitude. This is the cycle of things.

I believe that the more we express gratitude to the plants for their medicine, food, clothing, shelter, ceremonial items, the more they know us. And, the more I know them. I have experienced my own relationship with plants building over time as I have learned to trust in their subtle way of communication. They have shown up in my dreams, in my garden, in my walks in nature, and conversations. They show up in very unexpected ways— 1

Another plant, the Fig tree, was trying to get my attention by dropping itself all over my car and smearing my car windows. When I didn’t response to their bold suggestions of taking the Fig flower essence, they took me down!  Literally. I was walking underneath the tree and slipped on the Fig doo and fell on the sidewalk on my hip. Luckily, there was no damage.

Hmmmm, I now remember asking the spirit of the plants for stronger, clearer communication, I just didn’t expect they would take me down!! I guess it was important for me to hear. I was reminded that Fig is a plant from Adam and Eve’s garden, and in the story, Fig leaves were used to cover their private parts because of shame. Good medicine for womb healing—clearing body/sexual shame!

I can tell the plants hear me, know what I need, and are waving their leaves trying to get my attention, because the plants that step forward are perfect for what I am needing—in this case support for healing my feminine spirit and womb toning and clearing.

Is there a plant (food, herb, tea, medicine) that keeps calling you? Listen to them, they are desperately trying to GIVE you some medicine, nourishment, messages, or energy frequencies. Enjoy!

Thank you to the Deva of Raspberry and Fig for your nourishing medicine! with love, Camilla




3 thoughts on “Womb Healing: The Giving Nature of Plants”

  1. I enjoyed reading this Camilla. It is so interesting how our relationships with plants can be. The more we give to them the more they seem to give. I could not help laughing (with you not at you) about the Fig. It is amazing how many ways they can get out attention and communicate with us. I recently had two plants wave to me and I thought of you. Thanks for sharing, inspiring and teaching. Lovely picture of you, Nature whisperer. <3

  2. Thanks nice post with insights to reflect on and use on my own journey with plant medicine and learning from devas/fairies 🙂

  3. Yes, Camilla, yesterday before I went to Riversong I was gifted with 4 juicy raspberries from my garden. They were offering their support to my womb as well. Fig doo, hm? Got your attention and I had a good laugh.

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