Flower Essences

Express Your Intuitive Nature

120px-Rose_Geranium_-_clusterTwo flowers have been showing up again and again for clients as wonderful healers at this time. They both contribute to the energy of inner-peace and teach us how to allow greater receptivity. They both ask us, and help us, to allow our hidden or vulnerable inner-selves to be acknowledged, felt, and expressed.

We can begin this process of expressing what is hidden in ourselves by taking the time and space to quiet our minds and listen to ourselves. What are you feeling? Where do you feel it in your bodies? Just stay present as you ask these questions. Use these flower energies to guide you energetically inward closer to your true nature.

When we open to receive the beauty of our feminine intuitive, deep feelings, and creativity, we awaken the deeper sense of self and clarity of our truth.


Geranium essential oil: can assist those that are over-achievers or those working too hard when you need to be in greater harmony with your feeling nature, sensitivity, and vulnerability. Stress relief. Balancing.

Glacier Lily flower essence: for sensitive souls who feel shy or afraid to express themselves truly and honestly with others. Glacier Lily helps thaw the frozen places that inhibit our freedom of expression and delight.

Celebrate Equinox and the energy of balance. Day and night are the the same length. Sept. 21st.

You can find Geranium at a local herb or health food store. Glacier Lily flower essence is available here.


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