Flower Essences

Are You a Sensitive Plant-Human?

Sensitive Plant (Kauai, Hawaii)

I love the way plants talk to me. Today, I thought I missed my turn but soon eyed a beautiful fully-blooming Sensitive Tree that I needed to see! Several of my clients are using its cousin flower essence—the Sensitive Plant—that I created in Hawaii. They love how it goes to the places in their body that are needing attention and helps disperse energy held there.

Lately, I’ve noticed how much more energetically sensitive I am becoming. I hear this from others. Especially right now. When I made the essence, I was told that this flower is a gift for sensitive souls. This is what the deva said:

“I sense ethereal nuance.”

“I hold my antennae out for nuances of Spirit reading, feeling, and knowing through the element of joy in the ethers.”

It also communicated that its essence can open closed places in our body and disperse the energy held there.

When you touch the plant, it recedes—it actually draws back and closes its leaves tight. It moves like an animal! It demonstrates the feeling we get when we close up—have had enough, are too sensitive, or don’t want to be disturbed.

Thank you, dear plant! You helps us celebrate our sensitivity. We can be like fairies.


Sensitive Tree (cousin of Sensitive Plant)

Sensitive Plant Flower Essence (Kauai) Mimosa pudica 




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