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Karma with Mother Earth

Slide07“We are not here to heal Mother Earth, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth.”

We can create instant karma with Mother Earth as we can with other humans by acting against their free-will. This is why asking permission is so important in all our actions and decisions involving Nature, land, water, and the other creatures (animals, birds, insects, and humans) including the invisible spirits of Nature. Building a house, cutting a tree down, clearing forests, mining, changing landscapes can affect and may displace many nature spirits and the health of the land and water forever.

Mother Earth says that she will act quickly to re-balance herself when what is done in not in her alignment (free-will). If we harm her, she will respond as the natural law of karma dictates. Everything is happening faster, now. If we act for her good, she will also quickly re-balance herself. This may involve sacrifices in some ways. Loss of life and earthquakes, landslides, floods. It is important to be able to view these larger elemental events from a higher spiritual perspective as well as with compassion for others.

Many humans are currently clearing old karma and the human-construct that we have dominion over nature and this planet—the right to use her for our own needs and desires. This may be a belief that was incorporated into our lineage and carried forward in our DNA. This is a collective belief that is now clearing and coming back into balance. Many are returning to right relationship with Mother Earth.

We are operating on the wheel of karma. We are learning to forgive ourselves, and others, for past transgressions. It is my belief that most souls have been involved in past darker activities that harmed the earth and others (humans, animals, plants). These lifetimes were important for our development and balancing.

How can we address and heal our own karma with Mother Earth? Love and forgiveness is the greatest way. Living on purpose is important. Humans are here to nurture planets. Ask permission from Mother Earth and the land when you are doing things that affect her. Listen for the answer. Getting involved in land healing, water healing, and greater awareness of your sacred relationship with the planet that we are here to nourish, helps you clear karma, forgive your Soul, and advance spiritually.

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  1. Camilla, I am smiling and crying tears of sorrow, joy and love in reading and re-reading your Karma With Mother Earth post. Your wording your truth is so strong and sweet, stanch as the salt of the earth, straight forward as a spirit arrow and sturdy as the rock people. Healing our karma is crystal clear as the waters our planet provides. May we keep them so.

    I’m seeking your permission to send this on to the mama bears and the GGG women. Thank you for being and sharing!

    Rob-bee Lapp

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