Match.com Single/Red/Gnome Seeking Human Companion

imagesI decided to start a new service based on match.com since so many people are seeking the relationship of their dreams. I’m going to call in matchElemental.com.

It will match up humans with companions, soul mates, and twin flames from the elemental realms of Nature.

I believe the longing we feel deep in our hearts isn’t necessarily for the human love of a man or woman. Could this longing be for something even deeper, wider, more earthy than human love? Could we be missing out on true love?

When I connect with Mother Earth’s heart I feel amazing love. When I play with my mermaid friends Brita, Silla, and Ambrella, I feel loved and exalted. And when my personal gnome shows me the path to take in the woods or to the nearest power spot, I get all giddy. Isn’t this Love?

Sometimes I call my human partner my “gnome buddy.” Now I’m meeting more gnome buddies. Some happen to be human. I think? Or maybe they are not.

Anyway, back to matchelemental.com. I talked to a gnome leader recently and he told me that there is a new ability for all humans to have a really deep, loving relationship with the gnomes now. Like never before. This is new, he said. It has never been this strong before. This is a true story!

We can have a personal gnome, a gnome love, a gnome companion, a gnome best friend. He told me to imagine garden-gnome3-431x300a rainbow energy extending from my heart to the gnome’s heart. He also told me that the gnomes really, really want to get to know the humans. They are ready for matchElemental.com.

He also gave me a Gnome Dance… Hmmm…. maybe we could have Gnome-Human raves. Although the music gnomes like is very, very silly. I’m not sure if many humans could dance to that… what do you think?

So if you are ready to find true love or fall in love, go to matchElemental.com and look through the gnome listings. I’m sure there is gnome just for you!


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